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Monday, June 1, 2009

Austin Band of The Summer: Spiked Punch

whoa 500th post? how did that happen? I hearby resolve in the next 500 posts there will be more about cooking. There. I said it. For now I'm going to write a little intro-essay to a lil' band called Spiked Punch. And there will be some properly linked up photos for the h8ers/ladiez.

So, like, what's the deal with Spiked Punch?

Spiked Punch is a reggae band
Spiked Punch does not play in Eb.
Spiked Punch wears their bathing suits
The biggest problem Spiked Punch has is figuring out how to spend all the money* (*figuring out how to keep the gear safe while we go swim after the show)
Spiked Punch passes out in their cars
Spiked Punch jumps off things into water
Spiked Punch practices backflips
Spiked Punch works the night shift
Spiked Punch wants to play your friend's birthday party
Spiked Punch wants to play a frat party
Spiked Punch knows how to hold a pinata
Spiked Punch has smoked the weed of different famous rappers
Spiked Punch is not afraid of playing bad shows
Spiked Punch plays where ever, whenever
Spiked Punch takes gigs on extremely short notice
Spiked Punch has swagger
Spiked Punch are vanity bloggers
Spiked Punch will one day be a badass band.

add your own...

No gig is too small for Spiked Punch

Spiked Punch parties with these guys...

Spiked Punch smoked a bowl with Dr. Zhvago


  1. beautiful collection of pix, esp the ones from the volcano, and the first one