this must be the place....goin strong , yeah baby!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sho nuff!!!

the {{{sunset}}} kickoff party is tonight. Spiked Punch will be logging another appearance into our show odometer, which now stretches to ...6? Killrrrr....

1. SXSW at mooselodge
2. Stephy B's b-day.
3. Lambert's w/weird weeds
4. Julian's Birthday
5. Luau Party
6. {{{Sunset}}} tour kickoff.

address is like, 1600 something east 12th. its 2 blocks east of Chicon on 12th street on the north side of the street. the place used to be a restaurant. It will probably look like the place where the party is going down, if you are looking for it. I'm guessing this one is party o'clock, since we are playing and I haven't been told a "time" or "anything like that."

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