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Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Mayer Hawthorne Tracks

I don't usually get that excited about new music, but I've seriously been on Mayer Hawthorne's nuts since I first heard his single.

I saw him at SXSW (his second live show ever) and it was totally dope despite the fact that it was at the Purevolume House, which essentially represents everything that is wrong with the festival and human beings in general. I waited for about an hour for the venue to open before Hawthorne's booking agent walked down the line of 150 people asking if anyone was there to see the bands. I said hi and he put me on the guestlist, letting me bypass the horde that was only there for the free drank. Wordup to actually giving a shit about music and actually giving a shit about your fans.

A note on these tracks. "Maybe So, Maybe No" has been on Hawthorne's myspace for a few months after Mark Ronson dropped it on his radio show. It's probably my favorite of his tracks. It looks like Stones Throw is going to do a proper single for it in May, but as for now you can download the digital copy from their store. "I Wish It Would Rain" is new to me, it's a mellower jam than the other tracks I've heard.

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