this must be the place....goin strong , yeah baby!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

i want to meet this man and eat his cookin

To urban hunter, next meal is scampering by

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  1. "Today people got no skill and things is getting worse," he laments. "What people gonna do? They gonna eat each other up is what they gonna do."

    "Coon or rabbit. God put them there to eat. When men get hold of animals he blows them up and then he blows up. Fill 'em so full of chemicals and steroids it ruins the people. It makes them sick. Like the pigs on the farm. They's 3 months old and weighing 400 pounds. They's all blowed up. And the chil'ren who eat it, they's all blowed up. Don't make no sense."

    i would eat/catch/kill varmit/rodent/animal any day of the fucking week