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Sunday, April 19, 2009

i cried watching King of The Hill last night

hey, that shows got a lot of heart!!!

I was at my cousin's wedding in San Antonio, and her dad was kind of freaking out, like "i can blink my eyes twice and she's 14 again" style. I just kept giving him hugs.

So then that night, back at the hotel, King of the Hill is on and Hank takes Bobby to see the Cowboys training camp in Wichita Falls. Bobby is all into how cool Wichita Falls is (which is hilarious in itself) and all down on Arlen, so Hank tries to direct a video to convince the Cowboys to move training camp to Arlen so Arlen can be cool and his boy will want to stay around town and they can be together forever. There was a great scene in there where Hank was like "I love you Bobby" at a very non-sequiter moment where he was reminiscing about Cowboys quarterbacks great and not so great. At some point Hank also definitely consulted with a commemorative plate of Tom Landry for advice ("uh oh, he's talking to that plate again...")

The part that made me cry was the very last scene though. Hank was like "and then you are gonna move away!" and Bobby was like "yeah, Dad, but not to Wichita Falls, I'm gonna move to New York or LA and be a comedian, or maybe Vegas, and plus I'm twelve, we still have a long time to hang out." Then he gets Hank to go out for a pass and does the whole announcing "4th down, Staubach is in trouble, oh he's rolling left, pass complete to my dad, Hank Hill, the Cowboys win the Super Bowl! The Cowboys win the Super Bowl!" and the credits rolled, and I was just silently crying my eyes out in that hotel room. Then after that there was another episode of King of the Hill, and I cried at some point during that one too, although not as bad, and I can't remember what happened in the episode.....

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  1. i cried reading this post.

    you done good boy.