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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eye On Media: Hey Brah

This is a copy-past of the "about" section on It includes bios for the writers. If Maxim was "doin it for all the right reasons" it would be


" is an irreverently humorous look at the worlds of sports, music, and entertainment.

Brinson is a 26 year old living with his parents while he tries to finish school while writing for Brahsome, Mr. Mittens, The Sporting Blog, and AOL Fanhouse. He enjoys long walks on the beach and Red Bull.

Stamos is a 27 year old half-jew who, when he’s not writing for Brahsome, enjoys all things NC State and dark liquor.

C. Brahkowski is a 27 year old from Austin. He enjoys stingers, Floyd-dog, and growing beards for days at a time.

The Piler is a 28 year old who practices law when he’s not blahging or piling. The greatest thing that ever happened to him was when his mother got a job with Nintendo. That was roughly 14 years ago and it’s been downhill ever since.

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