this must be the place....goin strong , yeah baby!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


since the previous screw mixes have basically been badass things meant to blow out your speakers and take you to that other level in the sky...i toned it down with this one so you can slowly slide down the banister into one of those bean bag sacks made of sweet, smooth, and sexy sounds (with some exceptions in terms of subject matter)
uploaded some of my favorites individually

part one
part two

1- boom - mac mall
2- in the house/best friends - brandy
3- fire it up - da brat
4- bangen screw - woss ness
5- shinin - dj dmd/a week ago- jay-z
6- one more chance - notorious b.i.g.
7- g ride
8- high with the blanksta - point blank
9- tales from the hood - domino
10- bad news - too $hort
11- the game goes on - k-rino and z-ro
12-do g's get to go to heaven? - richie rich
13- reason for rhyme - eightball and mjg
14- lay your head on this pillow - richie rich
15-we can freak it - kurupt
16- g's roll 4 deep/swang and bang - esg (~20mins but so good)