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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Favorite Song Wednesday Late Edition

Love Unlimited Orchestra - Baby Blues

I played this out for the first time at Airport Bar last night and it drove the ladies crazy. And by ladies I mean lesbians because the place was half lesbians, one fourth middle-aged black people, and the last fourth was comprised of people who write for this blog.

But seriously, that place is like my new favorite bar. It's on the east side of Airport Road between Manor and MLK behind an automotive repair shop that specializes in fixing taco trucks. There is no sign.

The DJ booth is elevated and plastered with a giant Budweiser ad that shows what it meant to be sexy in 1991. There a few pool tables in a room off of the main bar, a great patio, and a spacious square dance floor surrounded with mirrors. The sign on the door that says "No one allowed under 30" is just a joke, but the sign at the bar that reads "Pickles - $1, Pig's Feet - $2, Egg - $1" is not a joke. Shane couldn't handle one bite of the egg, but Alexandra gobbled down the whole thing! Shout out to the dude that was singing Marvin Gaye with me in the bathroom.


  1. oh my god i really did gobble it! and i was really into the budweiser ads stuck up around the dance floor.

  2. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy as hell