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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stupid Song Saturday Vol. II

Today I bring to you...

Gil Mantera's Party Dream, Bunz Therapy

(if the player is not working, you can download the song here)

...from the album 'Bloodsongs'. Why is this song stupid? Well it's called "Bunz Therapy" and it's about getting high on a waterslide. Lyrics in totality: "I'm having fun on a waterslide. I'm feeling great and I'm getting high. Life is hell but I'm getting by. Whoah-oah, mmm-mm, uhh-uh".

That being said, isn't this song pretty fucken sweet? And, I know, now you want to get high on a water slide! METOOBRO!! Don't bother listening to the rest of the album, however. It sounds like if the nickelback singer were in Tears for Fears. Maybe you're into that.

He is supposed to be great live though.

Emo's, Feb. 20th for my fellow Austinites.

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  1. speaking of stupid songs I've always love "A Lapdance Is Always Better When The Stripper Is Cryin'" by The Bloodhound Gang