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Saturday, December 13, 2008

this is it! funk y'all

nasty gal

(* = a favorite song)
this side
1. nasty gal*
2. talkin trash
3. dedicated to the press*
4. you and i
5. feelins

that side
6. f.u.n.k.*
7. gettin kicked off, havin fun*
8. shut off the light*
9. this is it!
10. the lone ranger*
- aka i will take that ride from the reissue of her self-titled 1973 release

let us thank the lord jesus for the fine arts library. and also kvrx (or even thomas fawcett). this is a vinyl rip of betty's 1975 release, nasty gal. as you can see (and hear), it's not in excellent condition but i would say the rip is really pretty good. although a little quieter than i would have liked. i hesitated a little to give you this, since you really should be listening to her prior two records which i like a lot better than this one. still, there are some out of this world tracks here. there is sadly very little information about betty on the web, or really anywhere to be found. she married miles davis for a brief period and introduced him to the music of jimi hendrix, who she sings about in f.u.n.k. i want to say more about her but i'll just post some links when i get around to making vinyl rips of her other records.

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