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Friday, December 19, 2008

A Milli

So A Milli was probably the most played song this year. I guess Lollipop might give it a run for it's money, but A Milli will probably be the single that people think of when they remember Tha Carter 3. Here's a sweet remix of it by Flying Lotus. I'm posting it because I thought I was really tired of A Milli, but this seems to breathe a little bit of new air into it. Even though the remix is probably three months old.

Flying Lotus - Robo Tussin (ft. Lil Wayne)


In other news, Tha Carter 3 placed #11 in Pitchfork's top albums of the year. I was pretty surprised not to see it in the top 10. I didn't want to write much about their list, but I am going to. Here's my quick rundown of the albums on their top 10 that are worth saying anything about.

#1. Fleet Foxes? Haven't listed to them, don't care.
#2. Portishead? Are you fucking kidding me? I laughed out loud once or twice while listening to this album.
#3. No Age? Haven't listened to them, don't care.
#4. Cut Copy. I listened to this album twice in a row when I first heard it. It's great, deserves it's spot.
#7. Vampire Weekend. Really?
#8. M83. Are you fucking kidding me? Again, this album is laughable. I feel like people who dig this album are just trying to prove that they like 80s pop music.
#9. Hercules and Love Affair. Deserve to be higher, although they did get the nod for best single of the year.

They put the Arthur Russell comp at 30 or so, which I don't agree with and also surprised me given the amount of love they have been sending his way lately. Another big surprise to me was the inclusion of The Dodos record as an honorable mention. I thought it would be top 10 for sure, at least top 20.

I totally sympathize with the Tiny Mix Tapes article that Chris posted a few days ago. I just don't give a shit about most of this "best new music".


  1. There's a lot of invention and daring in the arrangements that Portishead composed for Third. While I do think it could be laughed at in some contexts, I could see it being a grower for you if you really wanted to give it a chance / an open-minded set of listens on headphones. My favorite moment is the last song repeating I'm always so unsure until a weird, buzzy foghorn guitar fades it out.. there are many special moments to be found throughout the album though. The record is the stepping stone for me that finally allowed me to appreciate the work of Scott Walker, actually. I'm talking too much.

  2. Furthermore I know everyone wants to say M83 is all 80s but I swear that's a marketing ploy. It is a nice fusion of electro and the sound of Cocteau Twins with clean production courtesy of one of dance music's newest darlings (Ewan Pearson)... Pump up the volume on a song like "We Love The Sky" while driving home one night. It might finally occur to you that this band has something (I hope that happens).