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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

how you know your vacation just went from "lazy" to "redonkulous"

...when you are pissed you have to take the 3 minutes to put on sunscreen.

things I am currently too lazy to do:
1. put on sunscreen without complaining in my internal monologue
2. cook
3. walk down the beach in either direction more than 20 feet
4. put a shirt on
5. read
6. listen to music/play guitar (this for some reason seems like an activity at this point...I can't really explain that...)

things I am currently not too lazy to do:
1. watch tv
2. blog
3. drink beer
4. eat food other people have made me
5. complain about the temperature in the hot tub
6. blatently stare at girls asses

I did play tennis today for the second straight day. We played doubles and lost 6-4, which was a major improvement over our 6-1 loss yesterday. Probably helped that our opponents got stoned before they played and I didn't. In other news, I am catching up on my cable. I saw Leave It To Beaver for the first time, which was fascinating. Also I watched a full episode of the Andy Griffith Show. That dude is sly! Also, there is a show on Cartoon Network during the day called "Johnny Test" which is pretty sweet. Its like Dexter's Lab, except the scientists are older sisters who test out their scientific concoctions on their younger brother (hence, "Johnny Test"). Also this show called "Hannah Montana" exists where (get this) there is this girl who is a regular girl by day, but a music star by night? Her family is from Tennessee, and her brothers name is Jackson. And her dad looks like Jeff Foxworthy. crazy. I think it has a chance to be a big hit, actually.

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