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Monday, November 24, 2008

No News is Good News?

and I'm sure this is Old News for all of yall, but I just thought as long as we are posting how web-media covers certain things, I would share with you the headlines on's website for today, November 24th, 2008, with commentary. Also, in case you had forgotten, we are currently amidst the worst economic crisis in history, which was started in our country, and we are fighting 2 wars.

Obama: Not a minute to waste on economy fix (ed: oh sweet that sounds important!)
Players emerge in Obama national security team (ed: hmm, this smells like news)
CNNMoney: Bush: More bank rescues possible (CNNMoney says Bush says that its possible more banks will be resuced? whoa, thats crazy!!!)
Commentary: Bush, stop running out the clock (ed: yeah, Bush!)
LBJ's daughter: Father opened door for Obama (ed: oh snap, the personal story line)
Ticker: New pro-Palin ad hits airwaves (ed: wtf?)
Boy charged with killing father 'loved his dad' (ed: wtf?)
China's richest man 'under investigation' (ed: oh snap)
UFO in sight, then 'pfft -- it was gone' (ed: wtf?)
No charges in death of man missing 30 years (ed: who the fuck cares)
Racer barrel-rolls boat at 240 mph (ed: who the fuck cares)
KITV: Woman, 90, trains for 5th marathon (ed: who the fuck cares)
One-armed girl, 9, swims on team (ed: maybe would constitute news for a middle-school newspaper)
Minister 'too tired' for 7 days of sex (ed: what the fuck)
Tips from America's thriftiest families (ed: aka Rancho Relaxo) Economy driving some to church (ed: snap)
Christina Aguilera pays tribute to CNN Heroes (ed: snap)
CNN Wire: British Marine dies in southern... (ed: southern....southern...southern...iraq?)

And yes, this is what i read at work when I'm not working and yes, it makes me way stupider.

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