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Thursday, November 20, 2008


This Arthur Russell "Love is Overtaking Me" is so ridonkulous. I can already tell you it's going to be number one on my "albums of 2008." I consider it a new release...these songs were never released before, right? Arthur Russell is the gift that just keeps on giving---like Tupac was supposed to be. Seriously...and whoever is releasing his shit has really got it together as far as timing is concerned. When "The World of Arthur Russell" came out on Soul Jazz, (what I think 4 years ago now???) it really catalyzed this AR revival thing, but even if you feel like that whole thing played out (the dance track thing--->LCD Soundsystem), "Love is Overtaking Me" being released this year feels like that all over again, but bigger. If you had released these 2 CDs in the opposite order, maybe no one would give a shit about this guy at all, and that would be tragic. I'm tired of serious music right now. Give me Satie to your Wagner (Trip). Maybe its an ebb and flow/personal zeitgeist thing, and in 4 years I will be like "I'm tired of pop songs right now, give me something serious." But that's where I am in, and right now, gotta say, I'm mancrushing all over this shit.

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  1. Then listen to Satie. I am. Right now.
    Listen to Debussy's 'Children's Corner'.

    I like 'you can make me feel bad' youtube pressed play two hundred times.