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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jay-Z BBC Documentary

Firstly, I thought I'd note that this is the 302 post on the blog. Longevity.

This BBC documentary is pretty endearing. The British focus is interesting as I think we take for granted how pervasive hip-hop culture is in America, it's cute to see it all spelled out for the Brits. It's fairly all-access, including some segments of Jay partying with Puffy in his apartment. The documentary is maybe 45 minutes long in 7 parts, it's all really entertaining and paints Jay-Z as a real man of the people.

I'll just post one of the segments, you can find the rest on youtube from the link. This segment focuses on Jay as the mogul, from commissioning Frank Gehry to design the new Nets stadium, to his non-profit work, to reppin' Casa Vista endorsed presidential candidate Barack Obama. Also check out a nice spoken word segment on Katrina that I hadn't heard before.


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