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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Other Blog Sunday

I read a lot of blogs and it's time to start giving some shout outs to my blogging heros.

Turntable Lab's Estoy Con Estupido Blog

Blog run by the staff and extended family of one of the best online music stores around, Turntable Lab. Some might argue that the store isn't what it used to be, particularly due to the larger focus on clothing. Seriously, why do I get a weekly email fashion update? It reinforces the shallow image theme that really drives me bat-shit about all this DJing non-sense. But regardless of the clothing section, Turntable Lab's vinyl selection and new digital store is still pretty on point, and they also carry a great selection of music related books.

Enough about the store, this is really about the blog. To say the dudes working at Turntable Lab are knowledgeable about music is a no brainer, but this isn't yr "omg check out this rare boogie track" sort of blog. They do let you know when Turntable Lab Radio is streaming a new episode, but you're more likely to read some serious DJ rants, ridiculous posts about the election, sports highlights of the week, hilarious youtube videos, and some cool design posts. Oh, also a bagillion flyers for DJ events featuring the lab crew (the newest contributor is Austin's own DJ Mel). In addition to posting on the Lab blog, most of these guys have their own personal blogs, some of which are among my favs.

Recent gold-star blog posts;
Afrocentric WWF Exploitation

Economic Straight Talk from Wanda Sykes on Leno

DJ Mel introduces himself with some Miami Bass... from Texas.

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