this must be the place....goin strong , yeah baby!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

OH EM GEE DUDERS!, This is my F1RST!!!1 post and i'm totally fucking stoked!

Look what the surf dragged in! It's me Skyler!

Now I know what you're thinkin. "But, but, Skyler! aren't you supposed to be grippin' it and rippin' it out on some totally gnarly waves somewhere??"

FOR SURE BRO!!! But thats the most totally awesome part! This is the internets! If what I know about sex wax and seashells is true, then surfin the information super highway is going to be a peace (Buddha '08!!) of fucking cake bro!

And I know just the way to celebrate this momentus moment! Pullin the pin out of this chill cervezanade and lettin one fly for freedom! WOOOOOOO!

That feels good!

And while i'm at it, I think i'll go ahead and raise my glass (Just kidding bros! YOU KNOW I GOTS THA CANS! (remember what happened when I totally tried to rush'm n crush'm those longnecks? MORE LIKE GLASSNECKS OUCHHH!).. Where was I.. OH! Right! Giving the proper props to my main man Tom Sanford. A true American hero, and the greatest artist of our times. word! Here to make this world a better place n shit! one painting at a time. Enjoy broskies, and until next time... GRIP IT N RIP IT 4 LIFE!!!!!!!

"Tecate Can" 2008
Oil, acrylic & fake gold on paper
h: 48 x w: 31.8 in / h: 121.9 x w: 80.8 cm

Fuckin beautiful n shit!


  1. boy are you guys in for a Skyler surprise...
    coming soon.