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Thursday, October 2, 2008

bottom feeder: Creature Show, Follow That Bird, Everything in Heaven, Domy Recap, Pastiche....

So first things first. Download this mix from DJ Tanner if you haven't already. I posted it like a year ago and only three people got it. Which is shameful. So get it. LINK-> Now. It will be done by the time you finish reading this post. Maybe.

My friend Tara helped set up an art show at WET Salon (1109 South Congress) all about creatures/monsters. It's tonight (Thursday), 7-10ish. Lori's doing projections. Be there, holeface.

Ok, then Friday, go see Follow that Bird at their EP release at the Parlor. I saw them a couple a weeks ago at a house party and it was fantastic. Loud, raucous, unhinged. And this show is FREE. Yeah, so come, listen, get an EP and pizzabeer. 9 o'clock.

Finally, on Saturday, Ben Aqua/Totally Wreck's Everything in Heaven has a preview screening at OKAY mtn. Everything in Heaven is gonna be on public access channel 16 on Sundays at 7pm. Whoo. Public access already melts my brain thanks to Perry Logan, Puppetose (or whatever it's called now), and Cookin' Good. Here's the preview below.

Also, I went to Domy books yesterday for a Monofonus reading by Karen Davidson. Super swell store (more on that soon) and a funny reading as well. Also, I ran into Adam from Austinist who I hadn't seen in awhile. He told me about his new column he's doing called Pastiche. Ch-Ch-Check it.

Alright. these sort of posts from me are going to go on LINK>>> hunting magic from now on.

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