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Saturday, September 27, 2008

mixtape of dj screw 96-98 live mixtapes

1. 96 live side a-1
2. 96 live side b-3
3. 97 live side a-3
4. 97 live side a-5
5. 97 live side b-1
6. 97 live side b-3
7. 97 live side b-6
8. 98 live side a-2
9. 98 live side b-4

this is cut down so it will fit on a cd. i had some other great tracks but they wouldn't fit. i don't mind telling you that this is fucking amazing. however, a lot of the levels are fucked up so some songs are waaay louder than others. be careful listening too loud with your headphones.
i promise to post some non-screw soon.


  1. non screw? dont go and do something you'd regret now dear.

  2. daaaang,
    downloading this shit

  3. monddd, glad to see you here!!