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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Favoritesong Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've blogged. Oh, I can feel it coming back. The solipsism, the inflated sense of purpose, the imaginary audience. Oh yeah, that's the spot, right there.

So in an effort to post more tracks, this is the inaugural post of Favoritesong Wednesday.

Bounce Camp - Big Dancin'

I thought I couldn't really handle club tracks anymore. I went through a nice Baltimore phase a year and a half ago, just couldn't get enough of that break and fast fast shit. Call me jaded but now it seems like every fucking wanna-bee with Tittsworth's zip-file of drum break's throws together a remix every five minutes and blogs just lose their semen all over it.

Bounce Camp is from Berlin, don't know much else about him or them or whatnot. This song makes me want to enjoy dance-club culture. Giant piano chords (clean as cake), a hip-hop stab just about to scream out what it's sampled from but I can't place it, Rob Base's ubiquotious "whoooo", and enough bass drum to keep yr ass shaking. Really I think it's something about the vocals that really get me though, so simple and triumphant, not the least bit of irony or self-consciousness, even with lyrics like "folks strippin' on the floor", it just sounds natural.

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