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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

color changin' campaign

color changin' click - bobby booshay

Some info from where i downloaded this torrent:
This second mixtape released by the Color Changin' Click in late 2001 is all freestyles and features the regular members of the click, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, 50-50 Twin & Lew Hawk, and also some other random Houston rappers including Lil O, Lil Shane, Big Tho, Big Pic of the Swisha House, Lil Nate, Chris Ward, Poppy, Diction, Foulmouth, HP, Lestor Roy, and Mr. Brown.

The CD is called Bobby Booshay because he was the Waterboy in the movie of the same name and as a click, C.C.C. felt that they were underestimated by people and came up from the bottom like the waterboy did.

When this CD was first released it was a big deal in HTown and people were going crazy over the hot freestyles. People started recognizing that C.C.C. could make it big and succeed without Swisha House, which then led to other Swisha House rappers leaving and starting their own mixtape groups.

tracklist/some faves you can download:
1. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (Best U Can Beat) [2:55]
"datin your sister and momma and i love em both, i would take em to the mall and buy em stuff but i'm broke haha"
2. 50-50 Twin (Unknown Beat) [2:15]
3. Chris Ward & Big Tho (Knock Yourself Out Beat) [3:12]
4. Poppy, Chamillionaire & Paul Wall - (What It Is Right Now Beat) [3:37]
freestyles about answering machine messages
5. 50-50 Twin & Lew Hawk (Dead Wrong Beat) [3:32]
6. Diction, Foulmouth & HP (U Don't Know Beat) [3:17]
7. Lil O (Oochie Wally Beat) [1:20]
8. Paul Wall, Lil Shane, Chamillionaire & Lew Hawk (Waterboyz Beat) [5:22]
9. Mr. Brown (Grimey Beat) [4:07]
10. 50-50 Twin, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire & Lew Hawk (Help Beat) [5:47]
11. Lil Nate & Lestor Roy (Ballin Outta Control Beat) [3:09]
12. Paul Wall, Lew Hawk & Chamillionaire (Cut Song Beat) [4:38]
"catch me at a frat party up at ut austin, excuse me lisa ray do you come here often?" - then raps about fairy tales (little red riding hood/3 blind mice), tongue twisters (peter piper), and kids songs (frosty the snowman)
13. Big Pic (Bakardi Slang Beat) [1:22]
14. Paul Wall, Billy Cook & Chamillionaire (Can't Deny It Beat) [4:23]
15. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (Hotboyz Beat) [4:21]

and don't miss the opportunity to own a grill by paul wall. i am personally enamored with the 'don't f#!$ with texas' grill.

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